Of all the influences in my life, it has been a place rather than a person that has coloured my character the most. I’ve grown up in the rain-soaked, cloud-scudded, spectacularly green hills of mid Wales, and their winds and weathers, woodlands and hedgerows have shaped me as a person.


After graduating from university I took a job at a local plant nursery. It was only intended to be summer job – something temporary while I figured out what was next for me. As it turned out, it unlocked something inside me, and taught me so much about myself as well as about the nurturing

of plants and flowers.

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Family, Freedom and Flowers…


I love the freedom of flower growing. It allows me to try new things and break the rules. It’s hard work, this toil in the soil (and when it’s dark and cold and raining, it feels like really hard work) but the rewards are so worth it. Each individual stem that makes it from my flower farm into a finished bouquet or wedding installation has its own personality, and it makes the finished pieces so much richer, deeper and more enjoyable to create.  


My life isn’t a glamorous one. It’s warm and it’s wild, filled with flowers, careening down hillsides on bikes with my three girls, tangled hair and woolly jumpers and dancing in the kitchen with my husband to whatever’s on the radio. Family and flowers keep me grounded, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Your wedding deserves to be special, with every last detail imbued with meaning. I promise you that the flowers I grow, design and create for you are as special to me as they will be to you. I’d love to chat to you about your wedding day plans, and find out whether my flowers could be a good fit for you.

Get in touch to say hello and let’s see what ideas start to blossom.



Donna x