A Very Civilised House Party

When a couple comes to you and sums up the atmosphere they want at their wedding as ‘a civilised house party with an air of Downton Abbey’, you know you’re onto a winner! Sarah was spectacularly well prepared for our first consultation as well; she came with a gorgeous mood board, fabric samples, colour palettes and props. It made my job so much easier, and her ideas were wonderful – they immediately sparked my imagination.


Sarah and Hannah were looking for muted but present colour and lots of texture for their arrangements. I used a palette of sepia tones, peachy pinks, burnt oranges and bright, steel blues, with roses (including the fabulously named Koko Loko), lisianthus, calendula, nigella and delphiniums included in the bouquet and large urn arrangements. Texture was added with seedpods and branches, and the finished look was beautifully sophisticated but wild at the same time. The colours also complemented Hannah’s gorgeous tweed suit and waistcoat, which I found really pleasing!